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Welding is in Alex Day’s DNA.


His grandfather, father, brother and uncle all were in the profession. It definitely wasn’t a surprise when last June he was the first student at the Middlesex County Magnet Schools Piscataway Campus to graduate with all three certifications necessary to become a professional welder.

He has now been accepted into Boilermakers Local 13 as an apprentice and is about to begin work at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

“You couldn’t ask for a better student,” said Piscataway Magnet School Welding Technology teacher Glen Foli. “He was focused and determined, and he came from a great background.”

“I wish every student was like him.” Alex is also full of praise for his teacher.

“He’s taught me everything that I know,” he said. “He’s given me so many opportunities to explore and learn.”

Alex says he finds welding “very relaxing.”

“To me, welding feels like when you sit by a fire and are just fascinated by it.” Alex will be commuting to Philadelphia from his home in North Brunswick to excel in his welding career.